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Northern Colorado Business Review (NCBR), the definitive business journal for Northern Colorado and the North Rocky Mountain USA region highlights Green Diamond Tire - North America expansion plans for the next 3 to 5 years.

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Recent paid-telecast of the Green Diamond Tire technology featuring Rich Gostenik (owner - GDT-West and GDT/E-Commerce) and Thorlakur Bjornsson (owner - GDT of NY)

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Highly acclaimed www.Offroader.com reviews the industry leading M/T tread from Green Diamond Tire capturing raves and kudos from serious off-roading enthusiasts.

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Recently featured by TV-KUSA Channel 9 News and aired in the Denver Metro area, you are invited to read the transcript of the broadcast.

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Read about what Washington State Department of Transportation has to say about winter driving and their recommendation of tires for winter driving.

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Feature story on www:Subdriven.com, A Suburu Enthusiast Website, February 2003

Diamond are a car's best friend

While driving the snow covered logging roads of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula during the Lake Superior Pro Rally this last October, I realized that the stock all-season tires with 20k miles on them weren’t going to cut it for another winter. Especially the way I drive.

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As Published in Tyres & Accessories February 2002

Diamonds Are Forever In the "why didn't I think of that" stakes, the Green Diamond concept may be one of those ideas we wish we had thought of. Impregnating tyre compounds with materials, which enhance traction, or improve conductivity is nothing new. Brass wires have been incorporated into tread compounds to reduce static electricity, walnut shells added to give traction on indoor surfaces, so why not diamonds to improve the traction of tyres.

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As Published in Tire Retread information Bureau Newsletter fall 2000

What is a Green Diamond Tire? "Green Diamond Traction Tires will be to the tire industry what Viagra is to an old man." So says Jeff Barlow from Twin Tier Tire of Elmira NY. Green Diamond Traction Tires are remolded tires with carbide granules in the rubber. This technology was developed in Iceland by New Industries LDT. The traction is comparable to studded tires, but with many advantages.

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As Published in Modern Tire Dealer July 2001

Drivers who want better than average traction in severe winter weather have numerous options: dedicated snow tires, studded tires, even tires containing ground walnut shells. Elmira, NY based tire dealer Jeff Barlow is promoting another alternative: remolded tires containing carbide granules in their treads.

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A motorist's best friend

NEW GLASGOW, Nova Scotia-A diamond-like granule mixed into rubber during the retreading process gives a tire the same traction on ice as a studded tire without causing road wear and pollution, according to a Canadian retreader. Passenger tire retreader Eastern Tire Service Ltd. in New Glasgow has produced and exported Green Diamond Tires (GDT) for several years. Owner Gerald Holmes said each year brings a larger demand for the tires.

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As Published in Retreading Business Issue 19 2001/4 Green Diamond: New Opportunities in Winter/All-Season Sector

At a time when retreaders and especially those in the passenger tyre sector, are struggling to remaining competitive in a market, where price pressure from budget tyre manufacturers is causing a major problem, any genuine innovation which allows retreaders to offer a unique selling point for their products has to be viewed as a significant opportunity.

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