Green Diamond Tire - North America was born out of a small family owned business with 60 years in the retread industry. Carleton Eldrett and Jeff Barlow stumbled into a man named Fridrik from Iceland who had invented a process to evenly distribute silicium carbide particles into rubber.

Already a success in Scandinavia, the Green Diamond Tire was brought to North America with only a few hundred being available in 1999. Then in the new millennium the first wave broke on the shores of Upstate New York where 10,000 tires were sold through a handful of rural outlets. The consumer response was like nothing that the tire industry had ever experienced.

Many phone calls and letters followed from customers who "had to share " a Green Diamond Tire story. From a no-budget commercial, phone call orders started pouring in from customers who wanted the Green Diamond Tire they saw on TV. Customers instantly perceived the inherent benefit of these tires and appreciated the fact that they are helping the environment.


After the first season, Green Diamond Tire - North America was formed with exclusive distribution rights in the U.S. The Green Diamond Tire is also available in pre-cure for Light Truck and Medium Duty truck applications. Think of the possibilities for school buses or transit fleets. Each month new dealers are added... from the upstate New York region to the Rocky Mountains.  New construction of Green Diamond factories include Elmira, NY in July '05 with plans for a western U.S. plant in time for the '09 winter season.

UPDATE:  Under new ownership since March of 2009,  Customer, wholesaler and internet retailer of the GDT... Rich Gostenik has formally partnered with Fridrik Vigfusson to finance and build a new, state of the art Green Diamond Tire manufacturing facility in the western United States.

In these recent and tough economic times, raising capital has been a considerable challenge.  Now, with substantial funds to proceed, GDT-NA will make a western states site selection before year-end, 2010... with full production anticipated for the 2011/2012 winter season.

With a new production facility online, watch for more contemporary tire sizes, a variety of tread designs and greatly increased volumes.