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What is a
Green Diamond Tire?

"Green Diamond Traction Tires will be to the tire industry what Viagra is to an old man." So says Jeff Barlow from Twin Tier Tire of Elmira NY. Green Diamond Traction Tires are remolded tires with carbide granules in the rubber. This technology was developed in Iceland by New Industries LDT. The traction is comparable to studded tires, but with many advantages. They are far superior on wet roads, they do not diminish in traction as the tires wear, they do not hurt the roads, and they run as quiet as regular tires. Jeff says that they first heard about Green Diamonds in the fall of 2000. " That year we only had a hundred or so to sell, but last winter we sold 10,000 tires and have never had a product, new or retread, that the customer was so excited about. "H. Carleton Eldrett President of Twin Tier Tire has been in the tire business for 59 years and he says, " In all my years of experience, I have never seen a product that was so well received by the customer. It is something unique in the tire business and that hasn't happened in a long time." We predict sales of 40,000 to 50,000 Green Diamond tires this year. One of the most exciting opportunities is in All-Season Green Diamond remolds. We promote it as the first truly ALL season tire. All the advantages of an all season tires but with traction on ice like a studded tire and it works on black ice and wet roads better than a studded tire. Here is a remolded tire that is better than any new tire they could buy. As Mark Twain , who is buried in Elmira, might have said, The rumors of the death of passenger retreading are highly exaggerated."

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