Hair History – Hairstyles In The West

The West probably has the most major hairstyle changes among all the countries in the world over the years. Of course, many of those old styles are making a comeback in various ways. If you want to see what a transformation women in the West went through when it came to their tresses, then keep reading.

Prior to the 1920s, many women were sporting the influences of the Victorian era. This period in history worked to emphasize the idea of natural beauty. When it came to hairstyles, many women chose to wear their tresses up in hairnets or braided and wrapped into large coils, which were then secured with pins. When out in public, women never wore their hair down. Loose strands of hair on a woman were seen as inappropriate and in some cases, hairnets were used, as well as products to keep the hair shiny and sleek.

Luckily, with the 1920s, women started to break away from the stuffy Victorian hairstyles and take more risks. Instead of long, plaited hair, women hacked off their hair to reveal short, sexy bobs and wavy styles that drew attention from all the men. Women during this period weren’t afraid to show off and the snap short styles made the biggest impact, illustrating that women were no longer going to remain silent and submissive.

With the introduction of the film industry, female movie actresses soon became the major inspiration for style and glamour. This also included hairstyles. The 1940s produced some of the most famous actresses of all time, with female moviegoers imitating their every move and fashion sense. Certain hairstyles also became in demand and women everywhere did what they could to look like their favorite celebrity. For nights out on the town, women in the 1940s wore their hair down, long and in soft curls or wavy and natural. Shoulder-length hair was all the rage during this time. But during the day, women went back to keeping their hair up and in a bun at the nape of the neck, since this was during a time when the war was rapid and women became workers in factories while the men fought overseas.

With the war over, the 1950s saw a huge surge in the glamorous woman. Blonde bombshells brought back the fascination with blonde hair, causing many women to head to their local salons to dye their hair. However, in the 1960s, women became more common in the workplace and this called for suitable hairstyles. Most women favored short styles that could be easily combed back and styled with hairspray, while others opted for a simple, long ponytail with a ribbon or adorned with flowers. Blonde was still the hair color of choice, and brunettes turned to highlighting their hair by using lemon juice.

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Long hair and gorgeous curls made a debut in the 1970s, especially due to the creation of “Charlie’s Angels.” Madonna helped define hairstyle trends in the 1980s and was all about excess. Long bobs that were curled were also a popular hairdo during this time, while the 1990s accepted just about any hairstyle. However, Jennifer Aniston’s long layers quickly became one of the most popular hairstyles for women. From there, women began to experiment with hairstyles, not caring so much about what was “in,” but more about what worked for them individually.

Truth About Six Pack Abs: Revealed Secrets To Losing Belly Fat

What when you had been told that everything you have been taught about methods to lose belly fat just isn’t all the truth that they had been hyped out to be?

Fitness experts have generally told us that exercising and dieting are completely the only methods to keep a flat stomach. Even though there is some truth about exercises and diets helping us to spend some a lot more calories and melt some grams of fat, there’s a good deal far more than we’re not being told.

An e-book entitled the Truth About Six Pack Abs and written by Mike Geary, wants to tell what exactly needs to be done to everyone who wants to have a great searching set of six-pack abs.

All ads for exercise and diet fads feature models that are supposed to have great looking abs for the reason that they used the products being advertised.  These models give testimonies that using their item have resulted in them having firmer abs and lower weights. What we don’t know is that they probably have had those abs and lean bodies even prior to they employed those products.

Human bodies are individually unique and this could possibly be 1 reason why certain techniques of losing belly fats only work for some. This fitness guide, Truth About Six Pack Abs, tells folks that the real methods of toning abs aren’t just about performing all abdominal exercises.

The truth is, some of these exercises like the sit-ups or crunches don’t give the people today the six pack abs they want. Some diet foods, herbal extracts, and fat burning pills are said to assist people to lose weight and tone up the abs without engaging in any exercise.

Selecting to take or eat these can deprive the body of the nutrients it needs to speed up metabolism and burn the fats of the body. It is still most effective to supply the body with foods from all food groups, but of course, incorrect amounts and consuming patterns.

Modern technology has also tried to contribute its share of gadgets to aid us to lose fat.  You’ll be able to acquire electronic muscle contractors, ab-rockers, along with other hi-tech machines which are meant to shrink your belly but you could spend hundreds of dollars without losing an inch of belly fat or not even a gram of body weight for the reason that they merely do not work.

Losing belly fats needs to be completed in the appropriate approaches through work-outs and a great diet. These may well take long prior to people today get the outcomes but still, these will not bring any risks and extravagant expenses. Truth About Six Pack Abs guidebook can tell men and women the accurate and successful techniques of obtaining those sexy six pack abs supplied in uncomplicated, easy-to-follow-procedures.

Surgery And Medical Malpractice Lawsuits -How To Be Healthy Reference!

Medical malpractice is when poor or low-quality treatment is given to a patient by a health care provider resulting in an injury to the patient, long term or short term disability or even death. It is professional negligence on the part of the healthcare provider.

Different countries follow different legislations and standards for medical malpractice. In a surgery and medical malpractice lawsuit, the first and foremost thing to determine if the medical error committed.

There are various cases where you can expect justice to prevail, example mistakes during childbirth, undiagnosed heart diseases, error in giving anesthesia, failure to diagnose cancer or any other major disease, misdiagnosis and prescribing wrong medication, failure to treat appendicitis etc.

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Malpractice lawsuits are not just limited to doctors but involve medical staff including nurses, anesthesiologists and other staff involved during or after the surgery. Carelessness or negligence during the surgery, like performing an operation on the wrong part of the body, cutting open a wrong artery, leaving surgical tools, sponge or gauge inside the patient, administering wrong or incorrect amount of anesthesia, incorrect amputation, or incorrect breast mastectomy etc.

These malpractice cause unnecessary pain, anxiety, stress, complication and suffering in patients. This may be termed as a criminal offense in some countries. Some recent stats of medical malpractice show that about 225,000 people die each year due to incorrect diagnosis in the US. This ratio is the third most common reason for death in the US. From these, 12,000 people per annum die from unnecessary surgery. Only 2% of the patients ever file a claim for malpractice and the justice received is even less than that. Sometimes it is very difficult to determine whether medical malpractice has actually taken place or not.

Other forms that are ignored include unnecessarily long incisions, wrong medication prescribed, and effect of the wrong medication on other organs which start showing symptoms at a later stage.

There are three forms of surgeries: emergency surgeries which need to be performed within seconds and any delay can cause irreparable damage to the patient, urgent surgeries are planned within 3-4 days and are of a longer duration operated on priority. Elective surgeries can be delayed for some time until it becomes necessary to perform them. Malpractice can occur in any one of the surgeries, especially in emergency surgeries where the doctors are under high pressure to save the patient. Every claim of medical malpractice has a time limit within which it should be filed. This is referred to as the Statue of Limitations.

If you think you or any of your dear ones is a victim of medical error, make sure you file the claim on time before time runs out. Once the suit is filed and if the negligence is proved, the patient will get compensation for medical expenses, lost income and cost of medical care for life, lost the ability to earn income and the pain and suffering caused. In case the patient dies during the surgery, the family will get wrongful death damages, mental and emotional loss, and lost income for life. Make sure you are fully acquainted with the procedure and your attorney has fully briefed you on the situation at hand.

summer hair

Summer Hair Care Tips

Your skin isn’t the only thing you should be taking care of this summer. Sure, protecting your skin from UV rays and premature signs of aging are important, but so is making sure your hair is in tip top shape. From split ends to breakage and maintenance issues, the last thing you’ll want is icky hair. To keep your tresses smooth, soft, shiny and sexy, you’ll want to commit the following hair care tips to heart.

Plan to make a living at the beach this summer? Then you’ll need to prepare your locks for the next few months. Because the winter can make hair dull and dry, make an appointment at the salon and get a fresh trim. Your hair will be much easier to manage without the presence of split ends, not to mention any hairstyle you pull off will look much better without those pesky split ends tagging along.

For a different look, opt for braided pigtails when you go to the beach. Not only is this hairstyle fun and youthful, it also goes well no matter what you’re wearing and keeps your hair out of your face. Plus, once you take the braids out, you’ll be left with naturally soft waves you’ll want to show off in the evening. Two hairstyles in one and without effort—what could be better?

Since summer is filled with enough sun, do right by your hair and leave the blow dryer out of your hair care routine. Using the blow dryer excessively on your locks daily, combined with the sun’s rays is a quick way to fry your hair and leave it looking frizzed out and anything but summer sexy. Air dry your hair when possible. The same goes for lying off of the heated styling tools.

Turn to other hairstyles that don’t involve putting any added heat on your tresses. To keep the moisture in your hair all day long, find the perfect leave-in conditioner and be sure to apply it each morning before going out so your hair stays protected. Do you have color-treated hair? Then you’ll have to add a quality spray-on UV protectant on top of your leave-in conditioner. This will keep the sun’s rays from creating a funky color out of your hair.

Dealing with short hair? Then you’ll want to make a friend out of styling paste. This type of hair product is gummy, which works ideally for keeping strands in place and holding the definition of your style. Additionally, styling paste also prevents short hair from getting damaged by chlorine and sun. Simply smooth the paste onto your hair before stepping out for the day. You can also use a scarf to add some flair to your short ‘do. Tie a colorful scarf over your hair and let the ends dangle – you’ll be sporting a great style while keeping your hair safe from the sun.

One secret ingredient you can use to keep your hair manageable throughout a beach-filled summer is salt water. The salt water found at the beach is ideal as a styling aid by giving your tresses texture and better hold. Those with limp locks can greatly benefit from salt water. After leaving the beach, avoid shampooing and instead scrunch your hair with a diffuser for added volume and hold.

While salt water is great for helping you maintain a special hairstyle, it can also make the hair tangled and clumpy. To combat this, carry a wide-toothed comb with you as well as a UV protectant. Spritz and run the comb through your locks to make sure it’s knot-free.

acne diet

Healthy Foods That Can Erase Acne

Acne is a common problem nowadays, and it is present among both teenagers and adults. It affects not only the skin, but also the self confidence of a person. Despite the fact that there are numerous treatments and home remedies for acne, not all of them are equally efficient.

In this article I will explain you how to get rid of acne with the help of some of the most popular and efficient foods. These foods are known to control the sebum production and improve cell function. Otherwise stated, they limit the effects of acne on your skin.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids And Veggies Can Bring Acne Relief

Oily fish such as salmon and sardines have anti-inflammatory properties, and this is why fish is ideal for any acne diet. Nevertheless, if you are a vegetarian and you want to increase the Omega-3 fatty acids intake, then you can also choose walnuts or beans. A couple of servings weekly will significantly reduce acne and improve skin texture.

Regarding fresh vegetables, they are also important in any diet that aims to reduce pimples. You do not have to eat plain, raw vegetables, but you certainly need to increase your fresh veggie intake, due to the fact that they contain high levels of antioxidants, which are known to clear up skin and reduce acne. In addition, antioxidants have numerous health benefits that should not be neglected either!

Eat Foods Rich In Zinc

Zinc is known to stop acne breakouts. Although nobody knows the exact reason why zinc is efficient when fighting acne, it is believed to control the release of male hormones, which are responsible for acne. In addition, it is highly recommended to combine zinc with foods rich in Vitamin A, due to the fact that zinc helps the body absorb the vitamin faster.

Selenium, A Powerful Antioxidant

Foods that are rich in selenium can also reduce acne, if consumed properly. Brazil nuts, for instance, contain high amounts of selenium. Besides, they also contain antioxidants which, as mentioned earlier, are essential for reducing acne. The main effects of antioxidants include improvement of skin’s elasticity and cell protection from damage caused by inflammation. Besides Brazil nuts, selenium can be found in meats, fish and whole grains.

Increase Your Vitamin Intake

Vitamins are essential when it comes to reducing acne, and Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 are only three of them. As a matter of fact, high doses of Vitamin A can be highly efficient, and you can increase your Vitamin A intake by eating liver, sweet potatoes, carrots and dark leafy greens.

On the other hand, Vitamin E can be found in corn flakes, spinach, almonds, kale and broccoli while Vitamin B5 (also referred to as “Panthotenic Acid”) is present in rice and wheat, sunflower seeds, fish and mushrooms.

Vitamin C is also highly important if you want to get rid of acne, and it can be found mainly in tomatoes, melons and oranges. Although Vitamin C will not cure acne entirely, it will strengthen the cell walls and this protects your skin against scars caused by blemishes. Always check with your doctor or dermatologist before taking any new vitamins or supplements to be on the safe side.

Over-the-counter vitamin A creams can sometimes reduce sebum production.

Foods To Avoid

The foods mentioned above can help you reduce acne. Nevertheless, there are foods which can cause it and need to be avoided. FatsFor instance, acne can be triggered by too much fat, because it stimulates the sebum production which is responsible for pimples. Besides this, foods rich in fat also slow down the nutrient transport to the cells, which can aggravate the existing acne.

Dairy Products

Dairy products such as cheese and milk can also cause acne. Cheese, for instance, contains high amounts of fat, while the growth hormones present in milk also stimulate the production of sebum.


It must be mentioned that eliminating these foods from your diet can help you reduce acne and prevent it from aggravating. Moreover, you can notice a significant improvement regarding your skin if besides eliminating these foods, you also increase the intake of foods rich in zinc, selenium, vitamins, antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids.

To sum up, these are the main foods that help you reduce acne. The exact amounts vary, therefore it is recommended to consult a nutritionist which can tell you the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients that you need on a daily basis.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Always check with your doctor before trying a new diet and taking any supplements or vitamins.

Nasal Congestion

How To Get Rid of Nasal Congestion The Natural Way

A person can deal with nasal congestion, very well, until it starts to prove to be annoying. When it reaches the stage of irritation, this very common ailment can cause difficulty breathing, and this is when it demands some form of treatment if only to make the breathing better and less hard to do.

What makes a person’s breathing so difficult, is the presence of too much mucus being produced, and also blood vessels that are inflamed and very swollen up. So, getting some form of relief is a must-have, if only to alleviate the congestion.

Nasal congestion is nine times out of ten connected to changes in the weather. Along with these weather changes, also comes the flu, the common cold, and also sinus infections unfortunately. Since it is not advised to use decongestant nasal sprays, as well as drops, longer than a period of three days.

Due to the fact that the continued use of these products can actually make a person feel worse. It is highly advised to seek out treatments that will help you to feel a lot better, and which are much more safer to use, than decongestant sprays and drops.

How to get rid of nasal congestion the natural way is the only way to go. This is because, natural is best, and it will not leave behind any residual effects like medications do. Antihistamines leave an individual feeling extremely drowsy and cloudy.

This is not a good thing. Besides, a lot of these medicines do not treat what the underlying problem is, which is just another negative about treating nasal congestion with medication. There are things, that a person can do, which can help to relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion and to eventually get rid of them. Some of the symptoms that go along with nasal congestion is sinus pain. This symptom alone would be the main reason, to at least try out, one of the natural treatments for nasal congestion.

Any kind of pain is not a nice thing. Therefore, try the natural way, where your nasal congestion is concerned. You have nothing to lose, and a lot more to gain, by just following the tips given here to help out.

The best way to Get Rid of Nasal Congestion Naturally

One natural treatment is to boil a teapot full of water. Then place the boiled water from the teapot into a nice sized bowl. The next step is to add one or two drops of an essential oil into the boiled water. This essential oil can be eucalyptus oil, fennel, or even pine.

Then the next step is to take a towel and cover your head with it. You should then commence to breath in, the steam, that is coming from the bowl of boiled water. Make sure to breathe in the steam for a period of about fifteen minutes straight.

Other Natural Ways to Treat Nasal Congestion

Some of the other natural ways to help treat nasal congestion are as follows. Make a habit of taking hot showers, or baths daily, and to take deep breaths while doing it. Another thing that opens up the nose in a big way is by eating horseradish. It is a great way to employ to clear up nasal congestion. Also, make sure to drink lots of warm drinks, some of which do include hot tea and clear soup broth.

How to get rid of nasal congestion the natural way is better than using medications to do it. This is because, the natural way is all natural, and doesn’t contain any elements that can make you droopy or drowsy. Plus, it also seems to effectively treat the underlying cause of nasal congestion, something which antihistamines and other medications simply fail to do one hundred percent.

Recovery Diet

Recovery Diet – A General View

All the people who are seriously addicted to the use of alcohol and drugs are malnourished. In order to recover the people and help them, it is very important to know the need and effect of nutrition. It is astonished greatly to know that there are more calories in fat per gram than alcohol.

Due to this addicted people while drinking feel a sense of fullness though eaten a little quantity or nothing at all. These calories of alcohol are an empty calorie that leads to malnutrition and even poor diet. A same effect is observed by drug abusers.

Alcohol and drugs breaks down the nutrients by flushing them as toxins from the body and does not absorb any nutrients properly. This can give rise to a host of many health problems like cirrhosis of liver, Depression, Cardiovascular diseases, Gastritis and others.

Changing habits for physical and spiritual health

The positive response is observed in the essence of recovery and it is changing the negative behavior. For this successful change relaxation, nutrition and proper exercise are more important. To achieve and possess a healthy life style, it is important to learn and make healthy choices of foods.

Experiences in diet by addicts

The addicted people experience problems like gastrointestinal disorders if they neglect their diet. They experience diseases like diarrhea, constipation, lack of capacity to digest food with a poor desired for food. Due to this they require special foods that are high in nutrient supplements to cover up the damaged tissues, organs and get back the proper functioning of nervous and gastrointestinal systems and other parts of the body.

Effects of nutrition to stop alcohol and drugs

Nutrition gets effect deeply to those who stop the craze for alcohol and drugs. The addicts recover themselves newly and battles with the alcohol habit in a very difficult way. It is revealed by the researches that following a diet with exact types of high proteins and rich carbohydrate foods can bring out a better difference in health.

Effect of foods on mood

Food affects on the mood. Deficiency of amino acids, nutrients like complex vitamins and folic acids have a negative and serious effect on mood. The mood of human being changes with intake of sugar and caffeine quantity. So the consuming of sugar and caffeine must be reduced to get recovery during the early stages.

The two important amino acids are tyrosine and tryptophan which are responsible for the production of norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine in the body. These are prevented from processing properly in the body when alcohol and drugs are used frequently.

These are neurotransmitters compounds that are important for stability of emotions, mental clarity and for a state of being well. When these levels of neurotransmitters are decreased then they effect negatively on behaviour and mood.

Nutrients as chemical messengers

Tyrosine is a precursor to norepinephrine neurotransmitters and dopamine which are identified as chemical messengers to promote alertness and better mental acuteness. It is one of the non essential amino acid that is found in foods with rich proteins like meat, sea food, tofu and poultry products.

Action of tryptophan

Tryptophan is very important for the production of serotonin which gives a soothing effect to mind and is important to get food sleep you find tryptophan in foods like banana, sunflower and milk and even in turkey meat.


Tomatoes and its Health Benefits

Tomato consists of several health advantages. Tomato consists of substances that can reduce heart diseases; this is cataracts and cancer and several disorders.

Recent experiments are revealing that tomatoes are very useful to reduce lung cancers. Two potent elements are available in tomatoes; those are chlorogenic acid and coumaric acid. These acids obstruct the properties of nitrosamines.

Nitrosamines are the substances which are produced obviously in the body. These acts as carcinogen in tobacco smoke. chlorogenic and coumaric acids obstruct the activity of nitrosamines by this. It prevents the lung cancers.

It is better to buy tomatoes which are thick red in color. This is the symbol of rich amounts of betacarotene and lycopene. Tomato gets red in color because of these two substances. Raw tomatoes are good for health. Even cooked tomatoes are also advantageous for health.

Tomatoes involve contains lycopene. If we cook tomatoes, while the process of frying in oil, it releases more substance of lycopene which is present in cell wall of tomato. Trying tomatoes in olive oil makes one body to take up the lycopene in excess amounts.

No need to bother if we cannot get tomatoes in fresh state because tomatoes will not lose their nutrition after a long time of picking up from plant even while boiling and cooking and canning. Tomatoes won’t lose its nutrition after cooking also.

Tomatoes consist of excess amounts of Vitamin C and lycopene. Lycopene is capable to prevent from prostrate cancer. Tomatoes contain rich potassium levels. Potatoes play a key role in sodium balancing and all cell functions and controls blood pressure.

Tomatoes consists of folate, Vitamin B6, niacin and Vitamin K. Vitamin B6 acts as anti-inflammatory. Vitamin K is useful to prevent from osteoporosis.

Scientists are struggling to enhance the benefits and qualities of tomatoes. The anthocyanin-laden tomatoes were created initially in the year of 2004 at the Oregon State University. Tomatoes contain red color because of the element anthocyanin which is good for health. Tomatoes are useful to prevent from lung cancer.

Health advantages of tomatoes

Tomatoes can be consumed as tomato sauce, tomato paste-topped pizza, tomato ketchup. If we eat these products more than twice in one week, leads to less chances of occurrence prostate cancer.  The chances can be reduced by 21 – 43 percentages. It is said by Dr. Edward Giovannucci.

Lycopene also have the properties that can prevent from prostate cancer. This is discovered by Dr. Giovannucci. Combination dietary fats (lipids) and Lycopene can be absorbed by body effectively than Lycopene substance alone.Frying tomatoes in oil enhances intestinal absorption twice or thrice more than the natural tomatoes. Tomato sauce consists of rich amounts of lycopene.

Male individuals who consume tomatoes more than twice or thrice in a week will have 35% of less chances of occurring prostate cancer.

Tomatoes are useful to prevent aggressive cancers. Aggressive cancers are those which extends quickly to the other parts.

Tomato Research Council revealed that rich lycopene containing food is Tomato Sauce, Ketchup (5 mg), Tomato Soup, Vegetable Juice (3 mg), Spaghetti Sauce, , Pink Grapefruit (1 mg), Canned Tomatoes, Vegetable Soup, Tomato Juice, Minestrone Soup.Lycopene is useful for women. It prevents cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, (CIN), tumorous tissue growth in the cervix. So Lycopene is very advantageous for women to prevent cervical cancers. It is said by Illinois University.

Lycopene effectively stops the excess growth of endometrium and breast cancers and lung cancer cells.

Tomatoes are useful for good eye sight. Lycopene has the plentiful carotenoid in the blood serum. It is a good antioxidant. It acts as antioxidant that protects against ARMD. ARMD means Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

Tomatoes contain rich Calcium and Potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C.Lycopene is useful to prevent heart diseases.

Some other Health advantages of Tomato:

  • Tomato is useful to enhance good skin color and softness.
  • Tomato acts as a blood purifier.
  • Tomatoes are useful to prevent clogging of the liver and reduce gallstones problems.
  • Tomato consists of antiseptic properties and it prevents from several infections.
  • Tomatoes Nicotinic acid which is useful to lessen blood cholesterol. By lessening blood cholesterol it reduces chances of risks of heart diseases.
  • Tomatoes consist of Vitamin K which is useful to protect from hemorrhages.Tomato consists of lycopene. It acts as an antioxidant. It prevents body from cancers.
diabetic diet

Diabetic Diet – A Healthy Eating Habit

Diabetic diet almost always consists of foods that are sugar-free. But avoiding sugar foods completely is not good for diabetes patients. Even you can enjoy the favorite dessert in a small portions during breaks the only thing to follow is moderation. When you have sweet tooth and suddenly the question of cutting back sweets arises then you feel bad as if cutting out completely forever.

The good news on this topic for you is to make same changes in your favorite or desired food make a perfect diet. With this, your eating habits become healthier and the foods that you like to eat may become more rich sweet to you and automatically you will be habituated to follow healthier options.

Balancing the diet

Decrease the quantity of soda and juice that you consume. Try plain or aerated water or can mix little juice in it when you miss the carbonated drinks. Bring down the quantity of sugar by one-fourth to one-third in your dishes. If a recipe requires whole one cup of sugar then cut down to 2/3 instead. You can also energize the dishes by using cinnamon, vanilla extract or nut Meg powder to get sweetness.

To satisfy your crave for sweet tooth try to find some healthy tips. Inspire of eating ice cream, make a mixture of frozen bananas to get creamy, frozen dessert or else can enjoy a small portion of dark chocolate. But don’t take the usual milk chocolate bar as substitute. Begin with half of the potion of dessert which you usually eat and the remaining half try to take a fruit to balance the intake of dessert.

Be wise to choose fats

There are both harmful and useful fats in your diet food. There are more chances for diabetes patient to get the risk of heart disease. By keeping this in view diabetics patients must be very particular about fats. From all the fats which we eat normally, some are unhealthy and some have more benefits on health. You should always look on your consuming quantities as all the fat are found more in calories.

Unhealthy fats in diet

There are two fats, saturated and trans fats that are severe damaging fats to your body. We find saturated fats in animal produce like red meat, dairy products, whole milk products and also eggs. Tran’s fats that are prepared by adding hydrogen element to fluid vegetable oil to make them more solid so that they may not spoil or become rancid are called as hydrogenated oils. This hydrogenated oil is used by food manufactures as a good edible ail but it is very health spoiling for you.

Healthy fats in diet

The fats that are found in plants and fish foods are the best fats. They are the unsaturated fats which are in liquid form when kept at room temperature olive oil, canola oil, avocados and nuts are the primary sources of unsaturated fats. In unsaturated fats there are even omega-3 fatty acids which fights with infection and develop health of cognitive functions and heart. Good sources of unsaturated fats are flax seeds, tuna and salmon fish.

elders above 50 exercising

Why Elders Above 50 Should Exercise?

Most often aging adults or elders above 50 lack sufficient physical activity. Indulging in some forms of exercise can however help improve health impairments along with curtailing the causing of certain diseases. Exercise can also act as a mood enhancer to generate the feeling of emotional well being as much as healthy eating for elders is being suggested.

However, one has to know the right form and basics to a good workout for the seniors, so as to enable senior health care. Senior health care can also comprise of a more realistic or a practical mild to moderate workout program which can be enjoyed by the elderly.

Following are 5 important reasons of working out.

  1. Helps the seniors get a good sleep

Exercise is most definitely a much better option for combating certain sleep related issues in the seniors. Regular exercise will ensure a natural form of fatigue that would be addressed in the body of the elderly, with it requiring appropriate rest induced by good sleep.

  1. Strength Training is equivalent to formation of strong bones

Signs of aging can be seen from the general weakening of our muscle tissues as well as the bones. One of the concrete ways to take away the stress imposed on our bones is to develop muscles mass by way of strength or endurance training. Strength training has time and again proven to be an effective as well as efficient method to arrest muscle loss in the elderly or the seniors.

  1. Reducing risk of heart disease

People who exercise with high intensity, as well as those who do it regularly will help curb the risk of heart disease to a great extent. Certain studies have also depicted as to how any exercise can be beneficial for overall senior healthcare. As such, moderate exercise has also been found to benefit the seniors with existing heart disease.

  1. Assistance in relieving of Arthritis pain

Arthritis is defined as the inflammation of a joint, but the pain that this disease generates is indeed unbearable at times. Searing pain can be experienced one through problem of arthritis, which could linger on for days to come. Arthritis in the elderly develops from an extended every day uses of one’s body, which is why special types of exercise programs are suggested for them.

Exercise can strengthen the muscles near the joint, thus reducing the joint stress around the region. While exercise is essential for an overall well being, for those with arthritis problem it is mandatory.

  1. Type 2 diabetes lowered by 58%

A study suggests a 58% lower risk for Type 2 diabetes in senior adults who exercise for a modest 2.5 hours per week, even if the intensity of such exercise was seen to be in the low to medium range.

Aerobic exercises go very well with people having Type 2 diabetes, which is also found optimal for lowering the risk of heart disease prevailing in the general diabetics. Strength training rendering increase in muscle mass and lowering of fat is patients suffering from diabetes.