Why Do We Need Potassium?

Potassium is an important mineral for the proper functioning of all cells, tissues, and organs in the human body. Along with sodium, calcium, and magnesium,  potassium shaped group of the most important minerals and electrolytes. Knowing the basic facts about potassium can greatly help in maintaining overall health.

Potassium plays an important role in the processes of the body, such as the function of nerves and muscles and maintaining the balance of fluids. If you suffer from high blood pressure or if you have heart problems, intake of potassium is very important. There is evidence that potassium lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of arrhythmia.

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The presence of enough potassium in the body reduces the amount of calcium lost in the urine, protects bones against osteoporosis and reduces the risk of kidney stones. Although potassium is not directly related to cholesterol, the consumption of foods rich in potassium can contribute to reducing the level of cholesterol in the body.

Low Potassium in your body – Symptoms

Potassium is a mineral that is found in all groups of food, but poor feeding habits can cause lack of potassium in the body. Although the lack is not directly connected with any disease still receiving enough potassium is especially important for overall health and proper functioning of the body, especially the heart. The lack of potassium called hypocalcemia and occurs when the level of potassium in the body is normal.

Some of the symptoms that occur when there is a lack of potassium:

  • fatigue
  • Muscle cramps
  • constipation
  • Abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmia)

If you suspect you suffer from lack of potassium, do consult a doctor.

RISK GROUPS of Potassium lack

Although potassium can be easily recovered through diet, some groups of people are more prone to the phenomenon of lack of this mineral.

  • Athletes. Because more athletes sweat, they lose a large amount of potassium. Athletes should be especially careful with enough potassium.
  • People who consume alcohol. The more you drink, the more you urinate, and thus lose potassium.
  • People taking certain medications. Drugs that have a diuretic effect can easily contribute to an appearance of hypocalcemia.

Recommended daily needs of Potassium

The recommended daily potassium needs vary depending on the age of the person:

  • Infants (0-6 months) – 400mg
  • Babies (6-12 months) – 700mg
  • Children (1-3 years) – 3000mg
  • Children (4-8 years) – 3800mg
  • Children (9-13 years) – 4500mg
  • Teenagers (14-18) – 4500mg
  • Adults (19 years and up) – 4700mg

Foods rich in Potassium

The proper balanced diet should bring enough potassium, so the lack of potassium in people who practice a balanced diet is very rare. You can find potassium in orange juice, potatoes, bananas, avocados, tomatoes, broccoli, cantaloupe, apricots, strawberries, spinach, and milk. But, also can be found in cabbage, eggplant, figs, plums, mushrooms, almonds, peanuts, cucumber, tuna, sardines and most meats and fish.

Here are some additional tips that will help you enter more potassium through food:

  • Do not overdo the cooking. Potassium levels in many foods can drop even 60% if you overdo with cooking.
  • Do not cook vegetables in water. The vegetables that are boiled in large amounts of water in the cooking process lose many of which contain potassium.
  • Avoid processed foods. As often Consume fresh unprocessed food. Processed foods contain very little sodium.

The Benefits Of Switching To Digital Medical Records

The medical field is one marked by constant improvement, both in terms of available medicine and overall medical care. Billions have been invested by both charitable and for-profit companies to bring people the most advanced and effective treatments available for many of today’s most deadly diseases and disorders.

However, when it comes to the keeping, tracking, and maintenance of a patient’s medical records, the methods have been largely stuck in time. While other industries have been using electronic records for many years, medical professionals industry-wide have only recently begun using this technology, choosing, for the most part, to stick to a pen and paper.  While these methods may be effective, they frequently lead to long delays when switching doctors or receiving specialty care for a specific problem.

Benefits for Doctors

Veterinarians have already begun using a central database for the care of animals, and it is thought that a similar, although more complex and complete, a system could easily be put in place using today’s technology.  The advent of digital cloud storage has made this dream a possibility, as it allows people to share, update, and maintain files between each other while using limited storage space.

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Benefits for Patients

For patients, a digital transition would mean that any doctor they choose would be able to have almost immediate, complete access to all medical history.  Instead of waiting on faxed, or even mailed documents from another physician, the new doctor can immediately begin working with the patient to determine the best possible treatment, if applicable.

One of the key benefits of electronic record keeping reaches far beyond making things easier and more convenient for patients, however.  In the event of a natural disaster, easily accessible medical records may save lives.  It will provide emergency personnel with the information they need regarding a person’s medical history, allergies and past treatment in order to make the best decisions for that individual.  In this way, electronic medical records may prove to be vital.

A Step Forward

With all the benefits available, there are those who wonder what kinds of security risks this technology poses in relation to a patient’s privacy.  While it’s true that a hacking attempt on these kinds of records would be devastating to the victims, there have also been significant advancements in computer security, and the use of the latest data encryption technology would make such an attempt difficult, if not impossible. In fact, the existence of a digital record is no less secure than a paper file under lock and key.

Other Considerations

Digital records will not replace the existing relationships between doctor and patient. Instead, they will make it easier for other doctors to pick up where another left off and further customize care for the individual, as well as eliminate the risk of lost, stolen, misplaced or damaged paperwork.

With the advent of new technology making the digital transition easier than ever, there are fewer and fewer reasons remaining for a physician to not make the switch, both for his patients and his office staff.  An effective, encompassing digital network provides a great service to everyone involved and allows for patients to receive quick attention and treatment without waiting for a paper trail or having their new physician receive an incomplete record. By-lineJennifer Carrigan knows that your medical bills may be skyrocketing. There is a great place for a quick quote for critical illness insurance.

The Genetics Of A Cleft Palate Or Cleft Lip

Cleft lip or palate is a congenital defect. The incidence rate is considerable high (1 in 700 live births traditionally quoted in western European literature) and in fact, is considered amongst the most common defects worldwide.

Moreover, the incidence rate varies depending on the ethnic origins and geographical region. The chance for any couple having a child with a cleft or lip palate is around one in six thousand (without any genetic predisposition from parents). The incidence rate of cleft or lip palates due to genetic issues is around 22%.

Children born with a cleft lip or cleft palate usually immediately commence treatment via surgery which can sometimes go on until they are in their teens. Often treatment will involve orthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, the assistance of speech therapists and sometimes even psychologists. Cleft lip repair usually occurs at around 3 months with palate repair at 6-9 months.

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Twin Studies

Twin zygosity studies have confirmed a higher incidence rate amongst monozygotic twins (twins with identical DNA profiles) than dizygotic twins (twins with non-identical DNA profiles). These findings show the existence of a strong genetic component. This is not, however, to exclude the influence of environmental factors (such as smoking or alcohol consumption during pregnancy or niacin deficiency) or the interaction of both genetic and environmental factors in the development of the condition. Cleft palate or lip syndrome may be due to inheritance factors where the fetus inherits the gene from one or both of his parents. The cause can, however, be a random gene mutation.

The inheritance pattern

Cleft palates run in families. However, it is hard to determine exactly how likely a child is to be born with a cleft palate basing oneself simple on the fact that another blood relative might have suffered from the condition. We need to look closely at the following factors: How close is the relationship between the people? How many biological relatives have suffered from the condition? What are the ethnic origins as well as the gender of the people affected?

Cleft Lip:

cheiloschisis A cleft lip can occur on one or both sides of the lip. The palate remains unaffected. Typically, it appears as a small indent on the lip, although the size may vary depending on the case. In some cases, the indent may extend all the way up to the nose. This means that the mouth and nasal tubes are actually lead into each other.

Cleft palate:(palatoschisis)

A cleft palate is caused by incomplete fusion of the bones in the skulls which are responsible for forming the palate of the mouth. It may appear as a gap in the jaw or an actual hole in the mouth. In some cases, both a cleft lip and cleft palate may appear together in the same individual.

The Genetic component Scientists have for long tried to determine through advanced genetic testing and DNA analysis which genes are responsible for this congenital disorder. They have in the recent years, identified genes responsible for the formation of the mouth, jaw, and skull – the genes which are crucial to proper craniofacial development.

Studies, mainly centering on mice, have begun to unravel the molecular basis and causes of cleft syndromes resulting in the identification of a number of genes located at different locations on the human genome such as IRF6, a gene which enables the production of an important protein requirements for the formation of connective tissue (such as the tissue used to create the palate). The formation of the skull, jaw, and face is an extremely complex part of fetal development. An interference with the development of the complex and delicate interaction of factors that lead to a healthy formation of the face and cranial structures may cause a cleft lip or palate.

We currently have a number of genetic predisposition tests which assess how likely someone is of having a child with certain conditions in instances where there is a hereditary illness in the family. Prenatal care specialists and clinics, in fact, offer preconception genetic counseling to help couples discover whether there are any chances of having a baby that suffers from an inherited chromosomal abnormality of a genetic disorder. However, there is no DNA test that can as yet, assess this risk with regards to cleft and lip palate.

During pregnancy, ultrasonography can at times reveal whether the fetus is suffering from a cleft palate – however, the position of the fetus, as well as the sophistication of the machine, play an important role.

meladerm skincare product

Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream Review 2018

While there are many skin lightening products available on the market, it seems Meladerm Cream has stood the test of time. Currently regarded by industry experts  as the most effective skin lightening cream of its kind. Read our review!

So effective that initial results can often be seen within 2 weeks.

The fact is, many of us are wanting to cover skin imperfections for various reasons. Being able to look and feel great is terrific. Ultimately true beauty lies from within but it is also nice to feel good about your appearance as well. Unfortunately, people with even minor skin imperfections often suffer from loss of confidence and self esteem.

Sometimes the stress of being seen in public leads to depression and anxiety in extreme cases. Other times it’s just a self awareness thing. Becoming self conscious of how you look is a problem faced by people of all ages. It is not restricted to just one country, people from all over the world face the fears day in day out.

Researching a product solution can be a tedious and time consuming task. There is so much data available with information overload almost inevitable. Who do you trust and where do you find honest answers?

To simplify the whole process, we have done a lot  of the hard work for you. By sifting through countless information sources, we have complied a list of the most common questions asked about skin lightening creams.

Why Does It Work?

Woman skin treatment

This is by far  the most frequently asked question. Like any purchasing decision, you need assurance that a skin lightener does what it should. No point buying something that does not offer the solution you require, but how do you know that you are buying the right product in the first place?

It’s the uniqueness of the  meladerm ingredients, culminating from years of research,  that makes this cream so effective. It does not contain hydroquinone, mercury, steroids, or paragons, unlike some cheaper imitations.

Consumers are showing an increasing demand for more natural products. Based on Meladerm cream reviews it contains several natural ingredients including, Mulberry, Bearberry & Licorice extract, Lemon Juice & Vitamin C among others. Lower grade products may contain similar ingredients but cannot guarantee to be effective.

Proper care and attention goes into making this cream, ensuring that the true power of the active ingredients are preserved. There are many testimonials available for people to appreciate. Read stories from real users by visiting the official site. Use the link at the bottom of this page to discover more.

What Is Meladerm Skin Whitening Cream Used For?

Skin Lightening Cream review is  generally used to reduce hyperpigmentation.  According to Wikipedia:

” In dermatology, hyperpigmentation is the darkening of an area of skin or nails caused by increased melanin.”

These areas can be anywhere on your body or face. Most users of Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream are aiming to achieve a uniform skin tone by reducing dark spots and uneven skin areas.

Here is a list of the most common uses:

  • Hyperpigmentation & dark skin discolorations
  • Sun Spot & Tan blemishes caused by exposure
  • Liver Spots, also commonly know as Age Spots
  • Acne Marks, face, neck, chest and back areas
  • Chloasma & Melasma also often termed “the mask of pregnancy”
  • Old scars
  • Birthmarks
  • Dark elbows, knuckles, knees and underarm ares
  • Freckles
  • Moles
  • Pimples by reducing dirt and old skin on the epidermis

Can This Product Be Used For  Men, Women & Children?

Men and Women alike are able to safely use Meladerm Cream. Although our bodies are quite unique, we can all develop various skin imperfections regardless of sex. Men are equally  susceptible  although some are less willing to seek out solutions.

There is a modern trend, however, that indicates males showing increased interest when it comes to dealing with skin imperfections. More and more guys are now concentrating on improving how they look and feel.

Society puts pressure on us in many ways. Friends and family can also do the same. We are often told what to do, how to dress, what to eat and how we should look. Children can fall victim to this as well. Sometimes, kids with skin imperfections are subjected to bullying, teasing and harrassment.

Thankfully, there is help. When administered by an adult,  meladerm cream  can also be used by children over the age of 12.Women that are pregnant are not advised to use this cream. People with skin conditions should consult their doctors first.

What If I Have Really Dark Skin?

Skin shades vary dramatically from extremely light to very dark. Imperfections can be prominent regardless of skin color. Meladerm pigment reducing complex is proven to be effective on all skin types regardless of ethnicity or color. It is widely used by all ethnic groups including African Americans, North & South Americans, Asians and  Europeans among others.

Can It Be Shipped To All Countries?

This product can be shipped to most countries. Ordering online is the easiest and quickest way to buy. Mail ordering is available if your country is not listed on the online checkout page.Ordering is safe and secure by using the links contained on this site.

Various forms of payment are accepted including Paypal, credit and debit cards. Expect delivery within days, international orders are sent via Priority MailShipping is also accepted directly to PO Boxes and APO (Military) addresses via the United States Parcel Service.

Does It Come With A Guarantee Or Any Extras?

Order online to ensure you receive the best deals. Satsifaction Guaranteed- try it Risk Free For 30 Days. Meladerm Cream  is manufactured in the United States and is  fully compliant with all relevant authorities.

Free Microdermabrision Cloth and Free Eye Complex available on selected offers for a limited time!

The Importance Of Waterproof Clothing When Exercising

If you want to get fit you need to be motivated, but people often overlook the importance of waterproof clothing – and this is a big mistake. If you’re caught in the rain, lashed by the wind or cycle in the snow, you’re asking for trouble if you don’t have the right waterproof clothing. You can actually cause some real damage to your body – and you don’t want that.

With that in mind, here are a few reasons why you need the right waterproof clothing when exercising. If you’re attempting any kind of strenuous outdoor activity that doesn’t come covered with a tarpaulin, you’ll need to bring some waterproof running socks. Do not be fooled into thinking that your skin can deal with the bitterness of the elements. It is a sensitive, thin layer of tissue, so it doesn’t do ‘weather shield’ very well. If you’re into wading through rivers and charging up brooks on your Sunday evening, fine – just make sure you’re wearing something that will make your feet less likely to freeze to death. Going hiking? Like blisters and bleeding feet? Then wear cloth socks! If you don’t fancy this, you need to choose the best hiking socks.

These are the ones that a) let your skin breathe and b) don’t let any water in, so you can roam over breathtaking hills for as long as you please, or until you want your dinner, whichever comes first. Trust us – when something goes wrong with your footwear, you’ll know about it, so don’t take the risk.If you’re a cyclist, then you really need to invest in waterproof cycling gloves and a waterproof jacket. As any cyclist who has been out for a 50-mile cycle when the heavens have decided to open will testify, these products are essential.

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Not only will you be kept warm and dry, they have safety benefits too. Think about it, in the rain you are less in control of your bike. If you have an accident it’s human instinct to put your hands out to protect yourself – a pair of cycling gloves will lessen the damage to your hands.If you’re competing in any kind of event your chances are dramatically reduced if you’re wearing the incorrect kit. Performance is everything – and if you’re on a run and you get soaked you’ll be miserable, disheartened and your time will suffer as a result. Exercise should invigorate you, not leave you wishing you’d not chosen to run in a storm.

Waterproof gear will ensure that you may be exhausted when you get in, but your extremities will be fighting fit. Which is far better than watching them turn blue during a cross-country trek.Waterproof clothing, whether it’s running socks, hats or gloves are made of a material designed to move sweat away from your body. This is called “wicking”, and this helps keep your skin fighting fit. If you wear a material such as cotton, sweat is absorbed rather than wicked away – and this can lead to very sore blisters and painful cracked skin – whether it’s your feet or hands.

Hair History – Hairstyles In The West

The West probably has the most major hairstyle changes among all the countries in the world over the years. Of course, many of those old styles are making a comeback in various ways. If you want to see what a transformation women in the West went through when it came to their tresses, then keep reading.

Prior to the 1920s, many women were sporting the influences of the Victorian era. This period in history worked to emphasize the idea of natural beauty. When it came to hairstyles, many women chose to wear their tresses up in hairnets or braided and wrapped into large coils, which were then secured with pins. When out in public, women never wore their hair down. Loose strands of hair on a woman were seen as inappropriate and in some cases, hairnets were used, as well as products to keep the hair shiny and sleek.

Luckily, with the 1920s, women started to break away from the stuffy Victorian hairstyles and take more risks. Instead of long, plaited hair, women hacked off their hair to reveal short, sexy bobs and wavy styles that drew attention from all the men. Women during this period weren’t afraid to show off and the snap short styles made the biggest impact, illustrating that women were no longer going to remain silent and submissive.

With the introduction of the film industry, female movie actresses soon became the major inspiration for style and glamour. This also included hairstyles. The 1940s produced some of the most famous actresses of all time, with female moviegoers imitating their every move and fashion sense. Certain hairstyles also became in demand and women everywhere did what they could to look like their favorite celebrity. For nights out on the town, women in the 1940s wore their hair down, long and in soft curls or wavy and natural. Shoulder-length hair was all the rage during this time. But during the day, women went back to keeping their hair up and in a bun at the nape of the neck, since this was during a time when the war was rapid and women became workers in factories while the men fought overseas.

With the war over, the 1950s saw a huge surge in the glamorous woman. Blonde bombshells brought back the fascination with blonde hair, causing many women to head to their local salons to dye their hair. However, in the 1960s, women became more common in the workplace and this called for suitable hairstyles. Most women favored short styles that could be easily combed back and styled with hairspray, while others opted for a simple, long ponytail with a ribbon or adorned with flowers. Blonde was still the hair color of choice, and brunettes turned to highlighting their hair by using lemon juice.

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Long hair and gorgeous curls made a debut in the 1970s, especially due to the creation of “Charlie’s Angels.” Madonna helped define hairstyle trends in the 1980s and was all about excess. Long bobs that were curled were also a popular hairdo during this time, while the 1990s accepted just about any hairstyle. However, Jennifer Aniston’s long layers quickly became one of the most popular hairstyles for women. From there, women began to experiment with hairstyles, not caring so much about what was “in,” but more about what worked for them individually.

Truth About Six Pack Abs: Revealed Secrets To Losing Belly Fat

What when you had been told that everything you have been taught about methods to lose belly fat just isn’t all the truth that they had been hyped out to be?

Fitness experts have generally told us that exercising and dieting are completely the only methods to keep a flat stomach. Even though there is some truth about exercises and diets helping us to spend some a lot more calories and melt some grams of fat, there’s a good deal far more than we’re not being told.

An e-book entitled the Truth About Six Pack Abs and written by Mike Geary, wants to tell what exactly needs to be done to everyone who wants to have a great searching set of six-pack abs.

All ads for exercise and diet fads feature models that are supposed to have great looking abs for the reason that they used the products being advertised.  These models give testimonies that using their item have resulted in them having firmer abs and lower weights. What we don’t know is that they probably have had those abs and lean bodies even prior to they employed those products.

Human bodies are individually unique and this could possibly be 1 reason why certain techniques of losing belly fats only work for some. This fitness guide, Truth About Six Pack Abs, tells folks that the real methods of toning abs aren’t just about performing all abdominal exercises.

The truth is, some of these exercises like the sit-ups or crunches don’t give the people today the six pack abs they want. Some diet foods, herbal extracts, and fat burning pills are said to assist people to lose weight and tone up the abs without engaging in any exercise.

Selecting to take or eat these can deprive the body of the nutrients it needs to speed up metabolism and burn the fats of the body. It is still most effective to supply the body with foods from all food groups, but of course, incorrect amounts and consuming patterns.

Modern technology has also tried to contribute its share of gadgets to aid us to lose fat.  You’ll be able to acquire electronic muscle contractors, ab-rockers, along with other hi-tech machines which are meant to shrink your belly but you could spend hundreds of dollars without losing an inch of belly fat or not even a gram of body weight for the reason that they merely do not work.

Losing belly fats needs to be completed in the appropriate approaches through work-outs and a great diet. These may well take long prior to people today get the outcomes but still, these will not bring any risks and extravagant expenses. Truth About Six Pack Abs guidebook can tell men and women the accurate and successful techniques of obtaining those sexy six pack abs supplied in uncomplicated, easy-to-follow-procedures.

Surgery And Medical Malpractice Lawsuits -How To Be Healthy Reference!

Medical malpractice is when poor or low-quality treatment is given to a patient by a health care provider resulting in an injury to the patient, long term or short term disability or even death. It is professional negligence on the part of the healthcare provider.

Different countries follow different legislations and standards for medical malpractice. In a surgery and medical malpractice lawsuit, the first and foremost thing to determine if the medical error committed.

There are various cases where you can expect justice to prevail, example mistakes during childbirth, undiagnosed heart diseases, error in giving anesthesia, failure to diagnose cancer or any other major disease, misdiagnosis and prescribing wrong medication, failure to treat appendicitis etc.

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Malpractice lawsuits are not just limited to doctors but involve medical staff including nurses, anesthesiologists and other staff involved during or after the surgery. Carelessness or negligence during the surgery, like performing an operation on the wrong part of the body, cutting open a wrong artery, leaving surgical tools, sponge or gauge inside the patient, administering wrong or incorrect amount of anesthesia, incorrect amputation, or incorrect breast mastectomy etc.

These malpractice cause unnecessary pain, anxiety, stress, complication and suffering in patients. This may be termed as a criminal offense in some countries. Some recent stats of medical malpractice show that about 225,000 people die each year due to incorrect diagnosis in the US. This ratio is the third most common reason for death in the US. From these, 12,000 people per annum die from unnecessary surgery. Only 2% of the patients ever file a claim for malpractice and the justice received is even less than that. Sometimes it is very difficult to determine whether medical malpractice has actually taken place or not.

Other forms that are ignored include unnecessarily long incisions, wrong medication prescribed, and effect of the wrong medication on other organs which start showing symptoms at a later stage.

There are three forms of surgeries: emergency surgeries which need to be performed within seconds and any delay can cause irreparable damage to the patient, urgent surgeries are planned within 3-4 days and are of a longer duration operated on priority. Elective surgeries can be delayed for some time until it becomes necessary to perform them. Malpractice can occur in any one of the surgeries, especially in emergency surgeries where the doctors are under high pressure to save the patient. Every claim of medical malpractice has a time limit within which it should be filed. This is referred to as the Statue of Limitations.

If you think you or any of your dear ones is a victim of medical error, make sure you file the claim on time before time runs out. Once the suit is filed and if the negligence is proved, the patient will get compensation for medical expenses, lost income and cost of medical care for life, lost the ability to earn income and the pain and suffering caused. In case the patient dies during the surgery, the family will get wrongful death damages, mental and emotional loss, and lost income for life. Make sure you are fully acquainted with the procedure and your attorney has fully briefed you on the situation at hand.

summer hair

Summer Hair Care Tips

Your skin isn’t the only thing you should be taking care of this summer. Sure, protecting your skin from UV rays and premature signs of aging are important, but so is making sure your hair is in tip top shape. From split ends to breakage and maintenance issues, the last thing you’ll want is icky hair. To keep your tresses smooth, soft, shiny and sexy, you’ll want to commit the following hair care tips to heart.

Plan to make a living at the beach this summer? Then you’ll need to prepare your locks for the next few months. Because the winter can make hair dull and dry, make an appointment at the salon and get a fresh trim. Your hair will be much easier to manage without the presence of split ends, not to mention any hairstyle you pull off will look much better without those pesky split ends tagging along.

For a different look, opt for braided pigtails when you go to the beach. Not only is this hairstyle fun and youthful, it also goes well no matter what you’re wearing and keeps your hair out of your face. Plus, once you take the braids out, you’ll be left with naturally soft waves you’ll want to show off in the evening. Two hairstyles in one and without effort—what could be better?

Since summer is filled with enough sun, do right by your hair and leave the blow dryer out of your hair care routine. Using the blow dryer excessively on your locks daily, combined with the sun’s rays is a quick way to fry your hair and leave it looking frizzed out and anything but summer sexy. Air dry your hair when possible. The same goes for lying off of the heated styling tools.

Turn to other hairstyles that don’t involve putting any added heat on your tresses. To keep the moisture in your hair all day long, find the perfect leave-in conditioner and be sure to apply it each morning before going out so your hair stays protected. Do you have color-treated hair? Then you’ll have to add a quality spray-on UV protectant on top of your leave-in conditioner. This will keep the sun’s rays from creating a funky color out of your hair.

Dealing with short hair? Then you’ll want to make a friend out of styling paste. This type of hair product is gummy, which works ideally for keeping strands in place and holding the definition of your style. Additionally, styling paste also prevents short hair from getting damaged by chlorine and sun. Simply smooth the paste onto your hair before stepping out for the day. You can also use a scarf to add some flair to your short ‘do. Tie a colorful scarf over your hair and let the ends dangle – you’ll be sporting a great style while keeping your hair safe from the sun.

One secret ingredient you can use to keep your hair manageable throughout a beach-filled summer is salt water. The salt water found at the beach is ideal as a styling aid by giving your tresses texture and better hold. Those with limp locks can greatly benefit from salt water. After leaving the beach, avoid shampooing and instead scrunch your hair with a diffuser for added volume and hold.

While salt water is great for helping you maintain a special hairstyle, it can also make the hair tangled and clumpy. To combat this, carry a wide-toothed comb with you as well as a UV protectant. Spritz and run the comb through your locks to make sure it’s knot-free.

acne diet

Healthy Foods That Can Erase Acne

Acne is a common problem nowadays, and it is present among both teenagers and adults. It affects not only the skin, but also the self confidence of a person. Despite the fact that there are numerous treatments and home remedies for acne, not all of them are equally efficient.

In this article I will explain you how to get rid of acne with the help of some of the most popular and efficient foods. These foods are known to control the sebum production and improve cell function. Otherwise stated, they limit the effects of acne on your skin.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids And Veggies Can Bring Acne Relief

Oily fish such as salmon and sardines have anti-inflammatory properties, and this is why fish is ideal for any acne diet. Nevertheless, if you are a vegetarian and you want to increase the Omega-3 fatty acids intake, then you can also choose walnuts or beans. A couple of servings weekly will significantly reduce acne and improve skin texture.

Regarding fresh vegetables, they are also important in any diet that aims to reduce pimples. You do not have to eat plain, raw vegetables, but you certainly need to increase your fresh veggie intake, due to the fact that they contain high levels of antioxidants, which are known to clear up skin and reduce acne. In addition, antioxidants have numerous health benefits that should not be neglected either!

Eat Foods Rich In Zinc

Zinc is known to stop acne breakouts. Although nobody knows the exact reason why zinc is efficient when fighting acne, it is believed to control the release of male hormones, which are responsible for acne. In addition, it is highly recommended to combine zinc with foods rich in Vitamin A, due to the fact that zinc helps the body absorb the vitamin faster.

Selenium, A Powerful Antioxidant

Foods that are rich in selenium can also reduce acne, if consumed properly. Brazil nuts, for instance, contain high amounts of selenium. Besides, they also contain antioxidants which, as mentioned earlier, are essential for reducing acne. The main effects of antioxidants include improvement of skin’s elasticity and cell protection from damage caused by inflammation. Besides Brazil nuts, selenium can be found in meats, fish and whole grains.

Increase Your Vitamin Intake

Vitamins are essential when it comes to reducing acne, and Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 are only three of them. As a matter of fact, high doses of Vitamin A can be highly efficient, and you can increase your Vitamin A intake by eating liver, sweet potatoes, carrots and dark leafy greens.

On the other hand, Vitamin E can be found in corn flakes, spinach, almonds, kale and broccoli while Vitamin B5 (also referred to as “Panthotenic Acid”) is present in rice and wheat, sunflower seeds, fish and mushrooms.

Vitamin C is also highly important if you want to get rid of acne, and it can be found mainly in tomatoes, melons and oranges. Although Vitamin C will not cure acne entirely, it will strengthen the cell walls and this protects your skin against scars caused by blemishes. Always check with your doctor or dermatologist before taking any new vitamins or supplements to be on the safe side.

Over-the-counter vitamin A creams can sometimes reduce sebum production.

Foods To Avoid

The foods mentioned above can help you reduce acne. Nevertheless, there are foods which can cause it and need to be avoided. FatsFor instance, acne can be triggered by too much fat, because it stimulates the sebum production which is responsible for pimples. Besides this, foods rich in fat also slow down the nutrient transport to the cells, which can aggravate the existing acne.

Dairy Products

Dairy products such as cheese and milk can also cause acne. Cheese, for instance, contains high amounts of fat, while the growth hormones present in milk also stimulate the production of sebum.


It must be mentioned that eliminating these foods from your diet can help you reduce acne and prevent it from aggravating. Moreover, you can notice a significant improvement regarding your skin if besides eliminating these foods, you also increase the intake of foods rich in zinc, selenium, vitamins, antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids.

To sum up, these are the main foods that help you reduce acne. The exact amounts vary, therefore it is recommended to consult a nutritionist which can tell you the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients that you need on a daily basis.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Always check with your doctor before trying a new diet and taking any supplements or vitamins.