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The following are unsolicited testimonials from Consumers that are pleased enough with their Green Diamond Tires
to take the time to write us.  When we first began to post these, we were excerpting quotes-only for brevity...
 a few folks questioned our editorial license so now all endorsements are posted in their entirety.

Saturday, April 11, 2009 9:19 AM

Subject: GDT M/T Testimony




I just wanted to report back to you on my experiences with the tires. I have almost 1500 miles on them and the carbide is starting to show through pretty good. A couple of nights ago we were on a return trip from Portland to Central Oregon, on U.S. 26 over Government Camp and Blue Box Pass. We left Gresham in a light rain and the higher we climbed, the harder the rain got.


As we were getting to Government Camp, it turned to snow - great big fluffy flakes, making visibility an extreme challenge since it was after dark. The deepest the snow got to was only around 3 inches during the trip, but it was wet and packed really quick.


My wife commented favorably on how well our Landcruiser was NOT sliding around. On a previous trip at Christmas time on same road, different tires and snow packed roads also, we were sliding around almost constantly. She mentioned that I should send you a warm, heartfelt thank you, from her.


Also, I'd like to mention that these M/Ts are much quieter than I expected. They have a resonate spot about 50 MPH, but other than that, they're as quiet as A/Ts. Once again, thank you from both of us!




Tom and Debbie B.    



Thursday, March 01, 2007 9:36 PM
Subject: Awesome tires!

Hi Rich,

I just wanted to give you some feedback on the tires.  As you've probably heard, there are storms all over the country. We, here in Minne-snowta, just got dumped on Saturday night(officially, it was 8.5 inches, however, I personally measured 15" in my neighborhood). Also, today(Wed) we just got nailed again w/ another 10" or so. All I can say about the tires is WOW! I am VERY impressed w/ the traction of these things. They "bite" the snow like a great white shark. I can literally throw the car out of control and take it back on demand. I have never experienced anything like this on snow. Its just incredible. Moments such as when I pull up to a stop light next to a truck that has a "lift kit" and big huge nobby tires, and then just pull away from him are awesome. I'm guessing those guys would never expect a little Audi to do that :P

Bottom line = These tires are very dominant in the snow(from my experience and IMO of course). Whatever the case, I just want to thank you for putting out an excellent product. I hope you guys stay around cause I will be buying another set when these are done. Although, I've only got about 4k miles on this set and they have shown virtually no wear and it seems like they will last me at least another 2-3 seasons if I drive w/ a little caution.

Anyway, Thanks again and hope to talk to you soon!



Friday, February 16, 2007 9:43 PM


I have been meaning to write this for awhile now.  When was the last time i wrote to a tire company about their product?  NEVER but you are the first for good reason.  Your tires may possibly have saved me and my family form serious injury or worse. 

On a recent trip down a wet and icy Snoqualmie pass, a semi began jackknifing several cars in front of us.  We were in certain peril and other cars and even suvs were sliding out of  control trying to stop.  WE SIMPLY STOPPED!  and pulled off the roadway into deep crud... and were able to move away from the accident without any sense or feeling of crisis or loss of control..... EVER!!!  Without your tires, we would surely have been part of the pile-up. 

Your tires are FANTASTIC and more people need to know about them.  Plus they help the environment!  I am getting your tires for all our family cars.  When are you going to have dealers in WA?  When will 17s be available? 



Tuesday, January 30, 2007 6:14 PM

rich- i've been meaning to write you about your tires.  other than being impossible to find locally, and spending a small fortune on shipping, and THEN the mounting and balincing expenses- i must admit the initial hassle was more than worth the hassle.

these green diamonds are the best kept secret and now that i have driven in very dicey snow and ice conditions, i have to tell everyone that i know about how secure they make me feel on the road.  these tires are flat out the safest i have ever had.

i drive mostly rural areas and have always been leary of going out when the weather turned bad.  i now have the feeling that i can get out and back in any weather thanks to these things.  a bonus is how solid they are on wet roads.  just amazing!

are you going to find dealers in seattle area to carry these?  i also have freinds down in the portland area that drive on them and they have the same praise (and complaint about availability).  you could make a fortune up here.  oh well, thought i would try :-) this fall i am actually going to buy sets as xmas gifts.  cut me a deal on shipping?

thanks for reading.

lois & ike
bellingham, wa 


Thursday, January 25, 2007 7:22 PM

Your tires are just excellent in every way. 

Driving the icy roads of Montana is a non-issue with the GDT tire.  The sense of real security that I feel behind the wheel is quite profound. So much so that I bought a set for my daughter at college in Missoula and even though they are not yet fully run in, she loves the grip they have her on her daily commutes.  We will be customers for life as long as you continue building such a superior product.

Thank you, Rachael - Kalispell, MT


Tuesday 1/23/2007 4:29 PM

YOUR TIRES ARE GREAT!!  We had some funny snow/ice circumstance out of the ordinary here in Portland Oregon..  we were never in any danger of slipping and we actually manuevered our way out of other cars harms way..  It was incredible.  I LOVE these tires.  I always feel confident and secure driving around now in whatever weather.  We just keep them on all the time.  And no chains!!  And no guilt as they are environmentally awesome..  plus they look great on our Prius.. ;)  THANKS!  

Seika - Portland, Oregon


Wednesday, November 01, 2006, 9:11 AM

Hi Rich,

Here is my story about Green Diamond Tires.

I bought my first set of Green Diamond Tires in 2002. I was living in Fairbanks Alaska and needed some good snow tires. My husband was searching the web and found the Green Diamond web site. We order our set of Green Diamond Tires and that winter I feel in love with them. I could go and do any thing in the snow, ice, and even at extreme temps of 50 below.

We have returned to Montana and I am still running with our first set of tires and have ordered a set for my mother in law and for my husbands pick up. I allways get great service from Rich. He goes the extra mile to make sure you get what you need. 

We have talked to other tire company's and I have not been impressed with their snow tires.We encourage you to try the Green Diamond Tires and you will see the difference they make.

Thanks Green Diamond Tire.

Shawnna B.

Pablo, Montana



Tuesday, March 28, 2006 10:12 AM

As a one-year user of Green Diamond Tires, I wish to add my personal 'thumbs up' for the superior handling of my automobile on non-paved roads and ice & snow, as well as dry-road driving. 
Last Summer I noticed an immediate difference of outstanding control on the dirt roads I drive daily.  As winter rolled around, on icy days I was able to start from a stopped position without slippage when other cars were not, my car stayed on the desired path, resulting in (due in part to my cautious driving) no problems getting around last winter. 
And to top it off, I have a smooth ride in the warm weather as well. 
I plan on being a customer for life.
C. Kerns


Monday, March 20, 2006 1:31 PM

Dear Green Diamond Tire Company;

Rarely am I so impressed with a company's product that I feel the need to write and tell them.  However, this is one such case.  I would like to inform you of how pleased I am with the Green Diamond Tires installed on my Mercedes.

I was talking with a friend about how displeased I was with the winter traction of tires that came with my Mercedes 560SL and that I was also unhappy with both the ride and wear.  He recommended the Green Diamonds stating it would be a much safer tire and improve my ride as well.

I am pleased to say I took his advice and purchased a set.  My Mercedes now has a much improved ride.  The car no longer feels light and handles much better at high speeds.  I would recommend these tires to other Mercedes' owners.

Recently a blizzard had hit around 5:00 am and I didn't know how bad it was until I got on the road to head to work.  Any other day I would have turned around after a block and worked from home, but I made it to work without incident.  While 4 Wheel Drive vehicles were spinning in the snow and cars were stuck all over the highways I was able to maneuver my car without any trouble.  With my previous tires I would have slipped all over the road and possibly been in or caused an accident.  Driving in hazardous conditions has always scared me, even heavy rains; but with these tires I feel safe, secure, & confident on the road. 

I must say these tires are GREAT!

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!


Denver, Colorado


Thu 12/8/2005 10:11 AM

Sub: Artic Conditions in Denver

The roads are covered in black ice and the SUV's are spinning like tops. I arrived at DIA late Tuesday to sub-zero temperatures and blowing snow. As the plane landed I hoped that maybe Green Diamond had tires for our jet, I suspect not based on the sick feeling I had as we skidded sideways on landing.

Fortunately, my Green Diamond Tires provided a much needed sense of security on the drive home to Bailey, their grip continues to amaze me as I passed several vehicles that didn't make it.

Rich, I wanted to know about upcoming delivery for my Toyota's GDT's.
Let me know as conditions are worsening and I need that GDT feeling.

Thanks Steve

Tue 1/25/2005 9:41 PM

Gotta say, best investment I've ever made. Last year with all-season tires I never made it up my girlfriends steep gravel driveway. This year, (after an ice storm) drove up no problems, no tires spinning, nothing. As soon as I stepped out of the car I went head over heals onto my back, had no idea it was that slippery.

The next day, we got a lot of snow and it was the weekend, so I went to the local high school parking lot to do some donuts. Couldn�t do it; just went in tight, controlled, boring circles (last year I�d do donuts backing out of parking spaces if I wasn�t careful).

Tonight, it�s been snowing quite a bit, so we have a few inches of snow on top of the 35� we got over the past 7 days; I�m driving along, following a car (the same make and model as my car) and they began swerving and spinning out of control for no apparent reason. Naturally, I slammed on the brakes (standard power brakes with no ABS) and came to a SCREECHING halt in a straight line. Meanwhile, the other car found themselves buried in the ditch (they had studded snow tires as well).

If these aren�t lesson enough to invest in some good snow tires (i.e.
Green Diamonds) then I wish you the best of luck this winter!

[Brandon F]


Friday, January 14, 2005 12:43 AM

Hello Jeff,

I bought and installed my four Green Diamond tires, ULTRA TRACTION 225/60R16 back in early December 2004, waiting for the Cape Cod Winter to set in. The first icy, dangerous to drive during weather hit in early December 2004. I waited until 2AM to go out and play with my car/tire combination. I drive a big, rear wheel drive car, a 1998 Jaguar Vanden Plas Long Wheelbase. This is a heavy over powered car. It's huge, but thinks it's a Porsche!

Well, I made it to the parking lot (empty)of the local grocery store, and went crazy -- full throttle and tight turns. It was UNBELIEVABLE; the car drove almost as if it was on dry pavement. The slippage was minimal and steering never felt questionable. No matter what I did, I had full control of my car at all times. The weather was about 10 degrees F and the roads were covered with one eighth to one sixteenth of an inch of hard, flat, VERY slippery ice. It was almost impossible to walk on this surface, never mind trying to drive a heavy rear wheel drive car. The ice conditions appeared after the grocery store closed, so there was no sand or salt yet applied to the ice. I have never been more impressed with a set of tires in my life.

They are not perfect, even though they do what they were designed to do perfectly. These are the only tires I could even feel safe recommending to others for driving in ice conditions, but on dry pavement, they are a little lacking. My non-winter tires are either Dunlop 225 60 ZR 16 SP Sport 5000, or Pirelli P4000 in the same size. The Green Diamond tires are the same size as well, but do not hang on as well as the non-winter tires. The Green Diamonds have enough over steer in them to be a concern, and limit my speed in dry weather. The Dunlop and Pirelli tires grip like claws. Expecting the same from this model of Green Diamond tires would not be very fair.
 [it should be reinforced that the comparison of Scott's experience with the GDT - UltraTraction Snow tread dry pavement performance is to that of 'Z' speed-rated Performance tread tires.  We look forward to Scott's evaluation of the more versatile GDT - Icelander tread.  ~GDT]

I am severly handicapped. Having the ability to drive safely in all weather is of the utmost importance, and can often be a matter of life and death. Were I to have an ice related accident on a desolate road my life would probably be over. I can barely walk on level dry gound for very short distances. I would not be able to walk one hundred yards on an ice covered road. These tires make it possible for me to travel during the winter -- a very important task having a dirct effect on the quality of my life.

Thank you for selling me these tires. This is the best winter I've had in many years!!!!!!!!!!

Scott B.
Mashpee, MA


Mon 1/10/2005 5:52 PM

I have a Saab 9-5 Wagon and we just recently purchased the Green Diamond Tires.  We have had them for a little over a month and got the chance to use them in 2 snow storms.  Right before we purchased these tires, we had a pretty good snow storm in Denver CO.  Before the Green Diamond Tires the Saab was all over the place and my TCS [Traction Control System  ~GDT] was working overtime.  Now with the Green Diamond Tires, my TCS doesn't even kick in because your tires have that much traction.  I have never felt safer and I tell people about your tires every chance I get!  Thanks for introducing such a great product!

Jonie F


Saturday, January 01, 2005 4:48 PM

Rich -

Well the tires are on and now have 100+ miles on them.  Went out this morning in the mist and cold crusty roads and had no problem. My 960 Volvo usually fish tails even on wet pavement - didn't this time - even with the light crust on the road.  I appreciate all your help and if they continue to perform this way I'll be back for more.



Wednesday, December 29, 2004 4:59 PM

Your tires are so good in the snow and ice that it's cheating to drive on them. They take all the fun right out of it.
My mother went off to school one snowy morning, and the conditions were very bad around Worcester. About two inches of what seemed like ice had fallen, and everybody was sliding around.
As people tried to climb and descend the steep hills of Route 9, they slipped, slid, and skidded all about. Not my mother, who only had to dodge the cars that had slid to the side of the road or were spinning their wheels trying to crest the hills. Through the entire 12-mile, 2-hour commute, your tires gripped resolutely and relentlessly, tenaciously fighting their way to the top and allowing my mom to pause at any point on the downslopes.

Yesterday, I took the car out to a deserted, unplowed parking lot, in order to practice steering with the throttle. I couldn't even spin the tires. 165 horsepower wasn't enough, in four inches of snow over a bed of ice, to even think about spinning the tires. Normally, I can get the tail out and lazily drift around whenever there's any snow whatsoever on the lot. Not this time! The car just did lazy 36-foot diameter circles, with the throttle gunned wide open, in first gear. I had to resort to the handbrake to get it to rotate at all...

-Charles K


Tuesday, October 19, 2004 11:38 PM

Hi Rich

you'll be interested to know that the new tires had their first real test today.... we had 3-4 inches of fresh snow and temps around 28 F....so the snow turned into hard slick ice.... lots of cars were slip-sliding around....it took 20 minutes to get up one hill near the university this morning because several cars lost their momentum and then couldn't get going again.... my car felt super stable...no detectable slip even going down a steep hill and pumping the brakes...felt as though I could have actually stopped if I had wanted to (vs my experience several weeks ago with my old, worn studded tires that had no traction on the same hill in similar conditions!)...it was a great feeling!  Thanks!!

heather in Fairbanks


Tuesday, January 20, 2004 3:58 PM

� I have been telling everyone that will listen to me about how great these
Green Diamond tires are.� I found them on the web and after reading the
extensive testing that is done on these tires I was sold.
�� I have run Blizzacks in the past and was happy with the snow and ice
performance but was disappointed that they wore out so quickly.� The all
season ability of the Green Diamond tires is great.
�� I had the tires mounted on my 93 VW Corrado (180 hp V6 front wheel drive
sports car).
�� I drove around for the first 2-3 weeks on dry roads and was pleased that
the Green Diamonds were very quiet.� But I really learned to appreciate them
the first time I was able to try them out on slippery roads.� To say I was
impressed would be an understatement!� I was ecstatic!� I was able to
accelerate, corner and stop almost as good as if the roads were dry!� The
fact that the roads were snow covered and icy didn't matter I could drive
like it was any normal day.
�� I am now putting a set on my Mom's car so that she will have the same
confidence on slippery roads as I do.� I will continue to use these Green
Diamond tires and be able to drive with confidence in all weather
Bob P
Blenheim, Ontario, Canada.

Friday, November 28, 2003 11:57 AM

Just wanted to say your tire's live up to the claim"s!!!!!
Put my Ultra Trac on my Honda Del Sol on 11/24/03, went to Syracuse NY, from
Plainsboro NJ, on 11/27/03. It was raining heavy in Syracuse,the traction
was unreal, I was on the highway doing the speed limit, and when I slowed
down to match the speed of other driver's, all� were driving between 35mph
to 40mph. I had no problem's at 55mph!!!!!! But due to the safety concern's
I lowered my speed accordingly to flow with traffic! Braking, start from
stand still excellent traction with minimal loss of conrol in rain! Normally
I would be sliding real bad when braking and accellerating! I am yet to
test them on snow and ice, but I know 100% that I will get the performance I
need! Hey can'nt you guy's develop perfommance tire's like something
comparable with Yokohamas, but obviously better!� Thank You Very Much For
The Best Snow Tire's I Have Ever Used!� Regard's; Quinthin S

Tuesday, March 04, 2003 11:08 AM
To: Green Diamond Tire
Subject: RE: Comments from Green Diamond Tire Website


Thanks for your reply.� I look forward to getting a set of Green Diamonds
for my new 4x4 truck.� We have a set on my wife's 1993 BMW 325i.� We
generally don't get a lot of snow in Nashville, Tennessee, but we do get
really bad ice several times a year.� To compound that the area is very

On the OEM tires the BWM was a real handful on ice or even snow.� The car is
rear drive, no limited slip, and no traction control.� About three years ago
we switched to Bridgestone Blizzaks for winter use.� They were a significant
improvement, but the multi-cell compound that gives them such good traction
wears out at about 50% tread depth.� This winter they needed to be replaced
and when I read about your tires, I decided to give them a try.� The first
time we needed them, we got the most snow we had seen at one time in several
years.� Seven inches in 3 hours.� Very few people in this area have real
snow tires and as the snow was packed down by cars driving over it, cars
were slipping and sliding everywhere -- but not ours.� Traction was
unbelievable.� Braking felt like we were on a road that was just damp from a
summer shower.� Just a minimal loss of traction.� The Blizzaks were good,
but these are MUCH better.� Even with the all season tread pattern we have,
the snow was no problem.� The next day, several places had turned to ice,
but the tires still handled it easily.

I've had four 4x4 vehicles.� Overall I feel more secure in our rear wheel
drive BMW, without traction control, then I do in a 4x4.� A 4x4 only helps
when accelerating, and to a much lesser degree when cornering.� The Green
Diamonds are working all of the time.� They are so much better than off-road
tires or even conventional winter tires that I plan on putting a set on my
2003 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 next winter.� I love them, and I can
enthusiastically recommend them to anyone.

Feel free to use this e-mail on your website if you wish.

Bill E



Hello, Jeff.
After logging some miles on a set of Alpins (Saab 9-5) and set of Inaris (Porsche 914), I am ready to add a set to our Saab 9-3 convertible.
You have a GREAT product in the Green Diamond tires.� We have finally received significant snow and sustained�winter temps here in the Denver area and both vehicles with the Green Diamond tires are absolutely stellar in traction and handling performance on the fresh snow, hard-pack, slush and black ice.� WOW... our vehicles have become snowmobiles!

Thank you for providing such an excellent product and one that is so environmentally responsible.

Rich Gostenik

   Epilogue:  I was so very impressed with my family's positive experience with these tires and the professionalism of Green Diamond Tire - North America that I left my career in computer software and acquired the retail internet rights to Green Diamond Tires.  I pledge to all who want to experience the secure feeling of safety and control under adverse driving conditions that in choosing the safety and performance of the Green Diamond Tire, you may expect service and support second to none in the tire industry.  As a former 'tire snob' (only driving on Goodyear, Nokkian, Gislaved, Vredestein) I truly feel that the Green Diamond Tires are the best available and I chose to put my money and energies on the line to back that belief.  I look forward to serving you via the internet, or via an expanding network of retail dealers in Colorado and the western U.S.



To: Tom Putnam
Twin Tier Tire
3160 Lake Road
Horseheads, NY
Dear Tom:

I want you to now about driving with the "Diamond Snow Tires" you installed on my 2000 Hyndai Elantra The last few days we have had just enough snow and ice for me to give them a test. They are unbelievably safe. I passed cars with snow tires on that slid off the road. I drove up hills and dales with no problem at all. I spent many of my police years on traffic safety programs. I don't know who discovered the Green Diamond process, but if you know, please tell them this is a great safety step in winter driving. Thanks for your advice and the installation.

Barney D
Police Chief (Retired)

Twin Tier Tire
(excerpt) . . . the day we had the tires installed we had a heavy snowfall which we got caught in, other vehicles were having trouble making the hills and were sliding all over the highway. We had no trouble whatsoever.

Bill R

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