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What Guys Have to Say about Girls’ Perfume

Who’s better at choosing a girl’s perfume – her or him? Do girls wear too much perfume? Do you want your girl to keep wearing a perfume an ex-boyfriend bought her? What’s your biggest perfume faux pas? We asked a group of guys these questions about their thoughts on women’s fragrance. Here’s what they had to say.

Who should choose your girl’s perfume – you or her?

40% of our guys said it should be their choice. “So many girls pick these fruity or flowery perfumes and they smell like junior highers. I like certain smells, so I always buy perfume for serious girlfriends.”

60% say girls a great job on their own. “I love how women have their signature smells. And I like how every girl I date smells different.”

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Do girls wear too much perfume?

65% of the men we asked said most girls could stand to loose a few spritzes. “You need a gas mask at most clubs. It’s like the girls are competing to get your attention with their perfume. They do, but it’s not good.” “There are few things worse than going in to kiss a girl’s neck and you cough because of the perfume fumes.”

35% say they like the way women wear their perfume. “Maybe it’s just the women I hang around with, but they all just wear the right amount of perfume so when you catch a whiff it’s like hearing a secret. It’s sexy.”

When they breakup, should his perfume gift go with him?

100% of our guys said pitch it! “There is no way I want my new girlfriend to wear a perfume some other guy bought her. Smell is always linked to memory. I don’t want her thinking of him.” “I don’t even want my wife wearing the perfume she wore in high school because every time she smells it she talks about that basketball player. He’s probably bald now but still…”

What’s your biggest perfume faux pas?

A shocking 48% of the guys we talked to said they bought their girlfriend or wife perfume and then told them they really liked it on another woman and that’s why they bought it for their girl. “This woman I work with wears this certain perfume. I don’t like her. I liked the perfume. My wife about went through the roof. She doesn’t talk to that woman anymore.” “I bought my girlfriend perfume that reminded me of my favorite teacher in school. I thought it might turn into a fantasy come true. It didn’t.”

The other 52% had a wide variety of answers that made us laugh and almost cry. “I totally forgot my wife’s birthday one year. My grandma gave me a brand new bottle of her perfume. My wife loves it. I need therapy because every time I get close to my wife, I smell Grandma.” “I mixed my own perfume at this shop and mailed it to a girl I was dating long distance. Apparently the heat it was in while traveling across the world made it rancid. It smelled like old trash when she opened it. She took it as a mean breakup message.” “I gave my new girlfriend the same perfume my old girlfriend used to wear. One of my friends said that the perfume smelled better on old girlfriend. New girlfriend heard him and is now an old girlfriend too.”